Thai Visas for Media Professionals, Obtaining Media Credentials, Extending Media Visas & Credentials

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand launched the online media accreditation website or MFA Media Online Service (MMOS) on August 16, 2010.  The MMOS is a system developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to streamline and expedite the online accreditation service for members of the foreign media intending to work or reside in Thailand as well as those wishing to renew their media accreditation, to extend their visa, work permit, and press card.

All members of the foreign media applying for media accreditation to work or reside in
Thailand as well as those who wish to renew their visa, work permit and press card must submit their application through the MMOS web site.  The "Guidance for Foreign Journalists Who Wish to Work in Thailand" is available at

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Niclas Kjellström Matseke