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  Download Thai Visa Application - Includes Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" About the Visa Form
  Download visa application and frequently asked questions about the visa form.

Here is a PDF version of the visa application form which can be filled in electronically [Download]

Form (Requires Adobe Acrobat or similar program for reading PDF files) [Download] - See Note below

Transit Visa - $35 per entry (up to two entries)
Tourist Visa - $40 single entry (two entries not available) / Multiple-entry $200
Non-Immigrant Visa - Single entry - $80 and Multiple entry - $200
Non-Immigrant OA Visa - $200 

Same-day-service is now available for Tourist Visas and Non-Immigrant B Visas (pick up visa after 3:00 p.m.). 

Frequently Asked Questions on the Visa Application

1. In the section of the form after "Father's Name" does the information requested (Nationality, Birth Place, Date of Birth, etc.) pertain to the applicant's father or the visa applicant?  The rest of the information requested on the application form would be for the visa applicant.

2. What is meant by "Type of Travel Document"?  That would be your passport or other travel document used in place of a passport such as a U.S. Travel Document (both Refugee and Re-Entry).  The information requested next would pertain to your passport (Passport No., Date of Issue, Expiry Date, etc.).  Please note that if your passport or travel document will expire in six months or less we will not be able to issue a visa in that document.  In the column on the right of the application it asks for "Countries for which travel document is valid."  Again, that pertains to your passport and most passports are valid for travel to ALL countries so you can write "All Countries" if that applies.

3. In the section requesting Proposed Address in Thailand please provide this information such as the name and location of the hotel where you plan to stay.

4. In the section requesting "Name and Address of Local Guarantor" Please provide the name and contact information for a person in the United States who we may contact in case we are unable to contact the visa applicant.  The same applies for the next section which requests "Name and Address of Guarantor in Thailand" - provide name and contact information of a person in Thailand if known.

Be sure to mark the visa type and number of entries requested in the upper right corner.  Sign the visa application near the bottom of the form but above the section marked "FOR OFFICE USE" and include a photocopy of the "picture page" of your passport along with the actual passport and two (or four if required) recent passport-type photos.
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