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  Visa Types | Purpose of Visit
Purpose of visit :
- To enter Thailand on diplomatic or official functions.

TRANSIT VISA ( Maximum stay 30 days )
Purpose of visit :
- To transit to the country of destination (Category “TS”)
- To participate in sport activities (Category “S”)
- The person in charge or crew coming to a port, station or area in the Kingdom (Category “C”)

TOURIST VISA ( 60 day stay and employment is prohibited )
Purpose of visit :
- To travel for tourism (pleasure) purposes only (Category “TR”)

NON-IMMIGRANT VISA ( Maximum stay 90 days, extension of stay may be applied in Thailand )
Purpose of visit :
- To conduct business, attend conference, or to work (Category “B”)
- To study (Category “ED”)
- To visit family (Category “O”)
- To conduct scientific research or training (Category “RS”)
- To perform missionary work or other religious activities with the concurrence of the Thai ministries or Government Departments concerned (Category “RA”)
- To work as a film-producer, journalist or reporter (Category “M”)
- To perform official duties (Category “F”)
- Retirement/Long-Stay )Category "O-A")
- Other activities (Category “O”)
   Additional information on Visas can be found on the web site of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Thai Immigration

The web site of the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok also provides some important information on Thai visas at
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