Authentication English Documents
Only for the residents within the eight states as following
Alaska,  Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada,
New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

  * According to the regulations set forth by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand, the Royal Thai Consulate General in Los Angeles is authorized to legalize only documents bearing the seal of the U.S. State Department .

          Required Documents
             1. Legalization Petition Form
             2. Original and Copy of the Document(s) to be Legalized
             3. Copy of the Identification Card of the Documents Owner(s)

            $15.00 Per Document
Only Money Order or Cashier’s Check made pay able to Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles Accepted (No Cash /No Personal / Company Check or Credit Card Accepted)

         By Mail
            1. Sending the Above Documents to the Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles
            2. Fees; Only by Cashier’s Check or Money Order; Payable to ‘The Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles’
            3. Please Including a Self – Addressed – Stamped – Envelope with Enough Postage for Mailing the Document Back to You

            The Royal Thai Consulate General, Los Angeles Will Not Assure for Lose Mail

            Royal Thai Consulate General
            Attn : Legalization Division
            611 N. Larchmont Boulevard, 2nd Floor,Los Angeles, California 90004
            Tel. (323) 962-9574,(323) 962-9574  Ext. 225, and 227
            E-mail :

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Niclas Kjellström Matseke